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1. Medienauswahl (liquid selection) 2. Aufstellungsort (installation selection) 3. Tankvariante (tank selection) 4. Tankgröße (size selection) 5. Tankausrüstung (equipment selection)

Please make a choice: What kind of tank?

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IBC - transport and storage tank
(500 L - 3.000 L)

IBC - transport and storage tank<br /> (500 L - 3.000 L)

Centaur®: multi-functional durable transportation tank and storage tank system for the logistics in the 21st Century.
- modern, safe logistics of fuels for transportation, transit and storage
- optimal utilization of space t...

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storage tank
(950 L - 60.000 L)

storage tank<br />Freeland<br />(950 L - 60.000 L)

The Freeland storage tank KTD-F is used for the storage of medias which are hazardous to water: e.g. heating oil, diesel, mineral oil, vegetable oil and process water. The KTD-F is designed for outdoor installation. Characteristic is its d...

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storage container
double walled
(10 ft. - 40 ft.)

storage container<br />double walled<br />(10 ft. - 40 ft.)

The Minotaur® storage tank container is a cubic, double-walled construction. It is integrated in an ISO-Container-frame and combines all advantages of the system in itself, which refers particularly to: transport - international approv...

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