storage tank container as a cubic, double-walled construction

storage container<br />double walled<br />(10 ft. - 40 ft.)

The Minotaur® storage tank container is a cubic, double-walled construction. It is integrated in an ISO-Container-frame and combines all advantages of the system in itself, which refers particularly to: transport - international approval for ship, rail and road (CSC), in emptied and cleaned condition, storage - 8x stackable (empty), security - high, static firmness; double-walled construction with vacuum leakage indicator, storage capacity - optimized space usage due to cubic building form, protective arrangement of the equipment in one of the tank niches, designed for temperature from -5°C to +50°C, low investment cost: additional oil sump is not necessary, solid soil is enough.

In the tank body of the Minotaur storage tank container are several operation niches possible, which are for placement of technological building-blocks. One operation niche is included as standard on the frontal side. The storage tank container requires for operation a fix installed connection to the power supply system. (Exception: at option – diesel aggregate for power supply)

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