inside installation

1. Medienauswahl (liquid selection) 2. Aufstellungsort (installation selection) 3. Tankvariante (tank selection) 4. Tankgröße (size selection) 5. Tankausrüstung (equipment selection)

Please make a choice: What kind of tank?

Medium  wählen

day tank
(50 L - 9.000 L)

day tank<br />single-walled<br />(50 L - 9.000 L)

The single-walled tank TTE serves as day fuel tank to supply Gen-Set with fuel or lube oil and adblue. The TTE is also identified as holding tank or reservoir. It meets the requirements on application to emergency power system in accord...

Medium  wählen

storage tank
(950 L - 50.000 L)

storage tank<br />single-walled<br />(950 L - 50.000 L)

The single walled storage tank KTE serves to store fuel oil, diesel, mineral oil (fresh and old oil) or other liquids hazardous to waters such as adblue in accordance with the approval. It is also identified as holding tank or reservoir. The ...

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